Quality and Ethics in One Place

I specialise in ethically sourced and sustainable crystals. Everything you find in my shop has been mined with the highest respect for both the miners, the land itself, the wildlife and of course, quality of the finished piece for you.

These are available as standalone pieces in my crystal collection or made into a handmade piece of jewellery that meets your specification. I do have some premade pieces available either to purchase as they are or simply use them as inspiration to design your own.

A note about crystals

Ethics, valuing the land, the workers and even yourselves is at the core of our business

This is why I actively search out mines I can directly source from to ensure that the money you spend with me goes directly to supporting positive mining practices that include ensuring the health of the workers, protecting the land - including avoiding cutting down trees where possible, making watering holes for the wildlife and encouraging the workers to use these sustainable practices in their homes too.