Creating a piece to last a lifetime

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Creating a piece to last a lifetime

No stone is indestructible. The hardest and most wearing stone we know is Diamond but even this, in the right situation, can become damaged so how can you know which stone is right for you?

There are several factors to take into account here. The first, and possibly best known, is the Mohs Scale, this will tell you how hard a gemstone is. It ranges from 1 (talc) to 10 (diamond). The higher up on this scale, the least likely it is that the stone will be chipped or scratched. Many of us put our rings especially, through a lot in day to day wear without even thinking about it. For example, putting our hands in our pockets, knocking them against cupboards or car doors etc. This means that whilst softer stones are not necessarily a “wrong” decision, it does require a bit more after care to ensure they last.

Similarly, some stones are water soluble and therefore you want to ensure that they remain dry. Such as storing when raining, taking off when you shower or bath and cleaning with a soft dry cloth rather than using water to wash it. Such stones include most of those ending in -ite. Other than these if we go back to the Mohs Scale stones rated 5 or below are usually sensitive to water. Harder stones that may be damaged include Tangerine Quartz and Jade.

Finally, resistance to household chemicals is also a consideration. Whilst as a general rule, the harder the stone, the least resistant to household chemicals they will be. It is important to note that many chemicals, especially bleach found in many cleaning products will, over time, damage your jewellery. Not only the stone itself but also the gold or silver it contains. It is therefore important to either remove any rings you are wearing or to cover them with gloves. You should also never clean your jewellery with standard household cleaners for this reason.

So how do you make it last? All of my jewellery comes in a box that will keep it protected during storage and transport. The larger pieces come in a leatherette box, printed with my website address so you can contact me for any questions you may have. They also have a felt flap to protect from any scratches. The rings come in a similar leatherette box with soft inside for the same reason. All my jewellery pieces will come with aftercare information to ensure you can make the piece last as long as possible. For those of you looking for the perfect piece to last a life time my recommendation would always be diamond. They are by far, the most hardwearing of stones but if this is a little bit out your budget or you would prefer one to fit a particular need by do feel free to contact me for further suggestions. Alternatively have a look through my jewellery page to get some inspiration!

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