Crystals and the Taliban

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Crystals and the Taliban

I have watched, along with all of you and the rest of the world in shock and horror over what is going on in Afghanistan. This is of especial importance to me because of the ethical stance I take with my crystals. 

Both Lapis Lazuli and Tourmaline are commonly sourced in Afghanistan. I want to assure you that my Lapis Lazuli comes from California and my Tourmaline from Brazil so none of the crystals bought from me will fund the activities over there.

What does this mean for you aside from this assurance?

Well, it may mean a small delay in sourcing these crystals. This is because these are both smaller mines and so I want to allow for their production but more than that, it also allows for checks on my end to ensure NO money is passing hands back to Afghanistan. 

I would rather have this delay for the confidence behind this and I know its important to you too.

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