How to tell if crystals are real

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How to tell if crystals are real

This is something that has been coming up lately because unfortunately, more and more fakes are coming onto the market. It is understandable that concerns over whether or not they are genuine are also increasing. So how can you tell whether or not crystals are genuine?

Authenticity Certificates

One common request is authenticity certificates. Whilst there are a few genuine certificates around be very cautious here. Obtaining a certificate is expensive and time consuming and so not often done. It is, however, very easy to print your own at home! For this reason although you may find crystals with a certificate be very cautious especially when it comes to more expensive crystals. Genuine sellers often do not provide these for the above reason. This does not mean that they aren't real however. Equally, providing an authenticity certificate does not prove that it is genuine.

Seller knowledge

So then, if you can't rely on certificates, how can you tell if they are real? Don't be afraid to ask the seller questions! Depending on where they are sourced and the crystal, the seller should be able to tell you where it was mined. This is especially true with crystals such as Moldovite which is incredibly popular at the time of writing; it's only ever found in Czech Republic. Similarly, Caribbean calcite which is only ever found in Pakistan. Whilst not being able to answer this doesn't necessarily mean the crystal is not genuine – or answering it mean that it is, it does show a lack of knowledge and most crystal sellers put a lot of care and research into what we stock. We also understand the concerns about whether or not crystals are genuine, at the end of the day this affects us too, we want to make sure that what we are selling is real and are, therefore, more than happy to take the time to put your mind at rest as far as we can.


Although the price can vary wildly depending on the crystal you are looking at. Quartz, for instance, can be picked up fairly cheaply. If you are looking for the rarer, more expensive crystals such as Malachite or Turquoise, price can be a good indicator of whether or not they are real. These tend to have a high price tag simply because they are harder to get ahold of. If you find an uncommon crystal for a noticeably lower price, the chances are you aren’t looking at the real thing.

After purchase

Once you have received your crystal it becomes easier. For example, quartz will feel cool to the touch and won't have air bubbles. It's fakes however tend to be a bit warmer and often do contain air bubbles. Genuine crystals, as a natural product, often have small imperfections even when they are tumbled or their colouring won't be even. However fakes tend to lack these natural imperfections. This is, of course, only obvious once you have received the item however. You can go some way to protect yourself here by asking for more pictures and videos of the crystal you are looking to buy but it is much better to ensure you are receiving the real thing before you part with your money.


I am available to answer any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to ask. As I work directly with mines and actively work to ensure you receive the highest quality, I can also ensure you receive the real thing with each and every crystal you buy from me so have a look through my shop guilt free!

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