Why we care about ethics and why you should too!

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Why we care about ethics and why you should too!

We’ve all heard about the horrendous mining industry for crystals. For this reason I have chosen to work directly with mines where possible to give me as much control over this as possible. All of the crystals I source have been selected with mining procedures and protection for both the workers and the environment in mind.



It’s pretty clear exactly how mining could potentially, cause damage to the environment - loss of trees, damage to the ground itself, noise pollution etc. However, I actively work to minimise this through sourcing directly from ethical mines.. Whilst no mining practice could ever be completely environmentally friendly, those I work with actively work to minimize their impact. There are fines against cutting down trees (for those in South Africa these fines are doubled for Baobob trees), they are only allowed to mine during daylight hours reducing light pollution and only using hand tools to reduce noise pollution. Finally, any holes left after mining practices are complete are then filled in to be used as watering holes for native wild animals.


Workers Rights

No child labour here! All the mines I have chosen have labour rules requiring miners to be adults only. They often work with adults who otherwise would have been out of work allowing them to build a business which helps them support their families. They are also encouraged to do just that - build their own business within the industry rather than remain just another employee and are given full support to do this where they choose to. They are often also encouraged to bring in other adult members of the family where they want to join the business to enable them to have their own income and financial support.



Finally, I also actively work to ensure sustainability within the practice. The mines I have chosen all put a percentage of their profit back to nature conservation. They also encourage their workers to plant their own fruit and veg. Encourage the use of solar power where the miners go back to their own villages. They also run their own warehouses on solar power as far as possible.


So, if you’d like to know that you are not only providing yourself with all the benefits that crystals have but also ensuring the ethics surround them have a look through my shop guilt free! This has, by necessity, been a very small insight into how I ensure ethics in the production of my crystals. Do feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!

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